during the period of winter holidays, i have read a novel ”vanity fair ”.main circumstance of novel may divide two clues. a clue depicts the deceased poor painter's daughter becky after leaving pingkedun woman boarding school , stays temporarily at rich family miss amelia home, but she try to seduce amelia 's elder brother to enter good society. after this matter failed, becky comes to pitt crawley’s home as family teacher, at the same time she plays some cute means such as being unctuous, and ganging with to good use. but when pitt makes a proposal to becky after losing spouse,she has already married knight's son rawdon. another a clue write pure girl amelia being deeply in love of the officer george osborne, surmounts all obstacles finally getting married with him . but her husband abandons her very quickly right away. amelia is spoony to george, even if after her husband died ,she still is unwilling to get remarried to others. final, becky tells the fact that george made an appointment with self to elope before one's death , amelia agree get married. becky be abandoned because personal relationship is found that by the husband afterwards. her old age gets a sum of inheritance from another lover joseph in hand, charities beginning to be enthusiastic in.

  have to admit this story is very real. person inside the vanity fair is unable to see clearly , the vanity fair is external person same be unable to see clearly. somebody all longs for money , position. once you have owned one kind among them, the other person all pays special regard to you. the dobbin uses a lifetime love to have waited till his loved one , he dedicates his youth and time to the pitiful people in vanity fair. but, the final is good . i think the author can’t bear to let good person suffer hardships , the kind people has got happiness , has come in and gone out of in the vanity fair. those are avaricious , selfish , foolish , proud, a man of no scruples has got due retribution. have looked at several time with final., a little bit happy , a little bit grieved. this is not only a novel , this is a society in miniature. it is not just in the united kingdom at that time, it is also in today. who is not encumbered with the fame and fortune? the others are based on this. while the material life problem does not solve, whom does go after a kind of fabulous pure ideal? therefore, the purpose that the college student studies has become a job , working is to have a portion to be able to let person look upon one with special respect live. certainly, this does not alternate , we all are a chessman that destiny hits the target personally. be considering self social status , be considering how to go to raise self social status. people is able to go to adore other people only , talking those prominent persons, your about goes and not composing , will there is somebody go and composing.

  vanity fair , how can we come in and go out of in this place , how to face this local , everybody is all ignorant in the novel selfish , eager for fame and fortune, end up efforts for nothing.

  author thackeray draws a lifelike tableau of the vanity fair inrealityin the novel , life middle is betrayed deceiving and blackmailing each other , cheating , snobbish vanity waits for ugly action to show most incisive. the author writes road finally: ”oh! vanity in vanity! whom do we there be to be happy woollen cloth on this world? whom have we had to accomplish everything according to one's wishes? but even if so-called, whom does there be to have satisfied woollen cloth ”?


  Here I am sitting on a couch alone, thinking about what I have just finished reading with tears of sadness filling my eyes and fire of indignation filling my heart, which revived my exhausted soul that has already been covered by the cruelty and the selfishness of the secular world for a long time. It is truly what I felt after reading Oliver Twist, written by the prominent British author Charles Dickens.

  The resonance between me and the book makes me feel not only the kindness and the wickedness of all the characters in the novel, but what this aloof society lacks, and what I lack deep inside. These supreme resources I’m talking about right now are somewhat different from minerals, oil that we usually mention. They’re abstract like feelings, and some kinds of spiritual stimulation that all of us desire anxiously from one another —— love and care.

  Those charitable figures whom Dickens created in the novel are really what we need in life. They showed love and care to others, just as the gentle rain from the sky fell upon the earth, which was carved into my heart deeply.

  Mr. Brownlow is one such person.

  The other day he had one of his elaborate watches stolen by two skilled teenage thieves, Artful Dodger and Charley Bates, and thought naturally it was Oliver, who was an orphan and forced to live with a gang of thieves, that had done it because he was the only one near by after the theft had taken place. Being wrathful, he caught Oliver, and sent him to the police station where the ill-tempered, unfair magistrates worked. Fortunately for him, Oliver was proved innocent by one onlooker afterwards. With sympathy, Mr. Brownlow took the injured, poor Oliver to his own home. There Oliver lived freely and gleefully for some months as if he were Mr. Brownlow’s own son. One day, however, Mr. Brownlow asked Oliver to return some books to the bookseller and to send some money for the new books that he had already collected. The thief Oliver once stayed with kidnapped him. After that he disappeared in Mr. Brownlow’s life. Searching for a while, Mr. Brownlow had to believe the fact that he had run away with his money. But dramatically, they came across each other again a few years later. Without hesitation, Mr. Brownlow took Oliver home for the second time not caring if he had done something evil.

  Perhaps most of us would feel confused about Mr. Brownlow’s reaction. But as a matter of fact, this is just the lesson we should learn from him. Jesus said in the Bible. “Forgive not seven times, but seventy-times seven.” Why is that? Because forgiveness is our ability to remove negative thoughts and neutralize them so our energy may be spent on doing what we came here for. We cannot move forward in our future if past issues cloud our thinking. Stop put Mr. Brownlow into the list of your models. Always give people a second chance no matter what they might have done. That’s also a substantial part of loving and caring others.

  Then there are Mrs. Maylie and Rose, Oliver’s other benefactors. Maybe the reason they loved and cared Oliver was not because of forgiveness. In my point of view, it was trust. They had faith in Oliver when he was considered to be a filthy burglar who tried to break the front door of Maylie’s at midnight. But this wasn’t how these two ladies saw the whole thing. They denied Oliver’s crime immediately and listened attentively to Oliver’s own description of his miserable life. They were deeply touched by Oliver’s strong perseverance and astonishing vitality. Accordingly, they remedied Oliver’s body and heart and turned him into a different boy. He began to wear appropriate and clean suits which were tailor-made for him and receive education.

  As far as we can see, it is trust that helps us all live together without precaution. Sometimes trust can even lead us to miracles, which we often expect to come about, so why not trust? Trust yourself, trust others, and you’ll salute miracles every single day.

  In the novel, though the young Oliver again and again fell for conspiracies of those hideous thieves, who tried to torture Oliver’s body and poisoned Oliver’s heart intensely, he always lived on and tried hard to seek for his own life. Then I realized what supported him all through were actually beliefs. In most cases, what you believe is what you’ll become. Believe that you are unlimited, that you can do anything you commit to doing, and when you do, your accomplishments will know no bounds. You control your beliefs and that is how you ultimately control your life. It’s all dictated by your attitude.

  In the final analysis, love and care contain numerous forms, there are love of forgiveness, love of trust, etc. but they all come from your beliefs in life. When someone tells you he’s deceived you, forgive him anyway, when someone tells you what he’s done, trust him anyway, and when you face adversities while chasing your dreams, think about your beliefs, then what hinders you will become a piece of cake in no time.

  So find out “Olivers” in your life and do as Mr. Brownlow and Mrs. Maylie do: love them and care them, which cost nothing but save much. They enrich those who receive, without impoverishing those who give. They can be certain smallest words or actions, but the memory of them sometimes last forever.

  Charles Dickens said:“Love makes the world go around.” These immortal words have inspired and will keep on inspiring us to chant the melody of love and to say the prayer of care forevermore. Let us, therefore, enjoy life and treat other people lovingly. These principles are the roots and foundations of beliefs supporting this article and our mission together.


  I have never been to Troy, but David Maule made me feel as if I were standing on the high wall of Troy, watching the fierce war. Thanks to this British author, who adapted the famous Homer’s poem into a lively story, I found it easier to understand this story. Though the story happened over 3000 years ago in a remote place, I was deeply fascinated by it.

  The mysterious plot is one of the reasons why I loved The Story of Troy so much, yet I am more interested in the human heroes of the war.

  Hector was the eldest son of king of Troy, Priam. He was not only a real hero of Trojan, but was regarded the highest moral hero in Greek classic by later historians. The war started because of the mischief of his brother, Paris, whom he didn’t appreciate. However, since Hector was the commander of the Trojan army, he was obliged to fight with all force. It was really a tragedy that such a valiant man died in the duel with another great warrior, Achilles.

  It is natural to see death in a war. As a famous Chinese parable says, “A life can be as slight as a piece of feather, or as weighty as Mount Tai.” Sometimes, one’s glory walks hand in hand with one’s doom. Achilles was such a typical person. His personal charm made The Story of Troy more attractive. He was so crucial because his every appearance in a war encouraged his fellow soldiers and terrified the enemies. Actually, Achilles was half-god who was almost invincible in people’s mind. That’s why his name was memorized long after his death.

  Besides the two great men, the wisdom of Odysseus also proved him to be a great hero. He didn’t want to attend the war because he was happily married and had a lovely son. However, since his country was allied to Mycenae, he had to take the command given by the king of Mycenae. I’m quite sure that the story of the wooden horse is widely known, however, few people know who thought of the brilliant idea, that’s why I admired Odysseus so much because he was the person who got the idea. Thanks to the horse, the ten-year war came to an end at last. If you want to know how the wooden horse worked, just read the book.

  The ancient Greeks believed that the gods and goddesses also played important roles in the origin, process and ending of the whole story.

  The story of the golden apple was such an example. When Eris, the goddess of argument and disagreement, threw out the golden apple to a wedding ceremony on Mount Olympus, a dispute happened. Hera, the queen of gods, Athena, the goddess of wisdom, and Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty, were all involved in the argument for the apple. None of them was willing to give way, so they turned to Paris for a final judgment. Tempted by Aphrodite’s beauty and promise, Paris handed the apple to her. To keep her word, Aphrodite helped him to get Helen, the most beautiful woman in the world, as his wife. That was the cause of the war.

  Paris’s choice obviously annoyed the other two goddesses. So during the war, they helped the Greek alliance army while some other gods, such as Apollo and Aphrodite, guarded Troy. When Paris dueled with Helen’s former husband Menelaus, Aphrodite saved Paris when he was about to be finished off.

  After the duel between those two people, there was a truce between the Greek alliance and Troy. However, both Hera and Athena were not happy to see it. Hera pursued her husband ZEUS:“ Now, will you send Athena to make the Troyjans break the peace?”(Page 22) Then with Zeus’s permission, Athena went down to start the war again and finally she brought the Greeks to success.

  From the whole story, we can see that in ancient Greeks’ view, gods sometimes played a much more important role in their life. However, with the rapid development of science, we have learned that the Greek gods never existed. This is why a recent movie of Troy has not mentioned a single god. Everything happened due to men’s ambition, love, loyalty or jealousy. With those emotion and people’s effort, we human beings can accomplish wonders and be master of the world.(www.hltxt.com)

  God are of less importance than they used to be. Nonetheless, the gods and goddesses made The Story of Troy more mysterious and marvelous.

  I have learnt from the book more than the wonderful story of history, love and war. I believe that human can determine their destiny by their own. I highly recommend this book to my friends.

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